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Toddleythoughts, always very grateful to be part of each baby event throughout the years. We are not able to upload every group here due to data size constraint. Do head over to our social media platform for more event photos

[May 2017 Mummies Group - 100 days celebration ]

Thank you: Steph Mummy for engaging us and let us to be part of their magical event. It's our pleasure to work with 2 May Group this year! xoxo

[May North East 2017 Mummies Group - 100 days celebration ]

Thank you: Ruby mummy for engaging us. We are proud to design exclusive nautical theme romper for 50 babies!

[Aug 16 NorthEast Mummies Group - First Year Old Bash in Aug 2017]

Thank you: Mummy Blogger Cindy for coming back to us. We know each other when we are doing their Aug 16 100 days bash one year back. Feel good to them growing up. xoxo

[Apr 17 Mummies Group - Fantabulous Bash - 100 days celebration ]

Thank you: Candy Mummy for trusting us. An exclusive carousel design we made for 120 babies. xoxo

[Feb 2017 Mummies Group - Febulous 100 days celebration ] 

Thank you: Mummy Jenny for engaging us. A little hiccups during our production and we are very thankful to Jenny for trusting us.

[March 16 Mummies Group - First Year Bash in March 2017]

Thank you: Mummy Audrey for engaging us again! Time flies! Is good to see this group again! and the group bonding still going strong!

[ Dec 2016 Mummies Group - 100 days celebration]

Thank you team for engaging us! We have some color detection issue when doing the bash outfits and we are very thankful that we managed to pull through! Hope you guys have lots of TSUM fun! xoxo