Dear Customer, 

It has been announced that the Circuit Breaker will be extended till 1 June.

During this period, we are not able to fulfill all our printings due to the closure of our main production line. However. we managed to have certain printing capability by working from home . Please refer to the following list 

Product List that we are NOT able to fulfill during the circuit breaker:

1. All products from LaFamillie Collection

2. All products from BobaMilkTEE Collection

3. All products from LaPartie Collection

4. All products from assorted kids & babies collection

5. All other products that involve "Image/cartoon" printing 

6. All Gift Sets

Product List that can be fufilled during the circuit breaker period

1. All products from Esprimi Family Collection

2. All products from Military Collection

3. All products from Street Style Collection except "inspired pizza hut/sesame street/krispy kreme"

4. All products from CraftTee Family Collection

5. All products that does not involve "cartoon/image" printing 

6. All products from Growth Chart Collection Only