Custom Order for JiaHui


Girraffe theme: tee colour and text colour depends on mork design (preferred white tee colour)
1) Baby Romper (18-24 months), custom text: Baby Mirabel
Add extra print at the back of Romper with hand Signage birthday, age selection: 1, custom text: Wong Xi Yue, font colour depend on mork design
2) Adult - straightcut (L), custom text: Daddy Yew Mun
3) Adult women slim fit (L), custom text: Mummy Jia Hui
Total cost l: $85 + $10 =$95

11.11 sale Xmas Dino: White Tee/romper, black Font colour
1) Baby Romper (6-12months), design 1, custom text: BABYsaurus Declan
2) Kids (1-2), design 2, custom text: BROTHERsaurus DominicĀ 
3) adult straightcut (S), design 3, custom text: MUMMYsaurus Sheryl
4) adult straightcut (L), design 4, custom text: DADDYsaurus Xin Hong
Total cost $91.60