Signature Dress [Customise] White

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This item is out of stock

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Measurements unit: CM (Scroll down by pressing the down icon to view size chart)

Measurements +/- 1-3cm deviation

Strictly no exchange

Size Chart: in CM

Mummy(S) - length 84cm, bust 87.5 cm, sleeves 15 cm

Mummy(M) - length 86cm, bust 91.5 cm, sleeves 16 cm

Mummy(L) - length 90cm, bust 95.5 cm, sleeves 17 cm

Baby Dress:

Baby Dress(S) - Bust(50); Length(42)

Baby Dress(M) - Bust(52); Length(46)

Baby Dress(L) - Bust(54); Length(50)


Do note that the photos are only for illustration purposes and not real products. There might be color variation between adult tees, slim fit, baby romper, kid-shirts