Superman/woman Birth Cert

Please specify the information to be printed

Superman/woman Birth Cert- Personalized Romper/T-shirt

This is a completely custom birth announcement onesie.  Key in all of your baby's birth information (you may omit the infor if you do not want it to be printed) and let us make a beautiful keepsake. These are perfect for those first pictures and later you can frame it, scrapbook it, or use it other creative ways. 

Delivery Lead Time: around 3-4 weeks

Strictly No Exchange

White with coloured rib only for Baby Romper

Measurements unit: CM

Baby Rompers:

Baby Romper(XS-0-3M) - Bust(46); Length(38)

Baby Romper(S-0-6M) - Bust(48); Length(39)

Baby Romper(M-6-12M) - Bust(52); Length(42)

Baby Romper(L-12-18M) - Bust(54); Length(43)

Baby Romper(XL-18-24M) - Bust(56); Length(45)

Kid T-shirts:

Kid(80) - Bust(54); Length(34); Shoulder(23)

Kid(90) - Bust(58); Length(38); Shoulder(26)

Kid(100) - Bust(62); Length(41); Shoulder(28)

Kid(110) - Bust(64); Length(43); Shoulder(30)

Kid(120) - Bust(68); Length(47); Shoulder(31)

Kid(130) - Bust(72); Length(51); Shoulder(33)

Kid(140) - Bust(74); Length(54); Shoulder(35)

Size Guide (Kid Tshirt)

Kid(80) - 6M to 12M

Kid(90) -  Age 1 to 2

Kid(100) - Age 2 to 3

Kid(110) - Age 3-4

Kid(120) - Age 4-5

Kid(130) - Age 5-7

Kid(140) - Age 7-10


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