The Golden Name

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The Golden Name - Custom Made

Matching baby sister and big sister outfits! This set is the perfect way to make your daughter feel like a special big sister/brother.

You can even customize to your preferred wordings such as " Big Sister Gabrielle"

Delivery Lead Time: around 3-4 weeks

Select Design based on Wordmark, Actual Product will be in GOLD/FOIL GOLD

Strictly No Exchange

Measurements unit: CM

Baby Rompers:

Baby Romper(XS-0-3M) - Bust(46); Length(38)

Baby Romper(S-0-6M) - Bust(48); Length(39)

Baby Romper(M-6-12M) - Bust(52); Length(42)

Baby Romper(L-12-18M) - Bust(54); Length(43)

Baby Romper(XL-18-24M) - Bust(56); Length(45)

Tutu Skirt:

S(3M) - Length(24)

M(6-12M) - Length(26)

L(12-24M) - Length(28)

XL(24-36M) - Length(30)

Kid T-shirts:

Kid(80) - Bust(54); Length(34); Shoulder(23)

Kid(90) - Bust(58); Length(38); Shoulder(26)

Kid(100) - Bust(62); Length(41); Shoulder(28)

Kid(110) - Bust(64); Length(43); Shoulder(30)

Kid(120) - Bust(68); Length(47); Shoulder(31)

Kid(130) - Bust(72); Length(51); Shoulder(33)

Kid(140) - Bust(74); Length(54); Shoulder(35)

Size Guide (Kid Tshirt)

Kid(80) - 6M to 12M

Kid(90) -  Age 1 to 2

Kid(100) - Age 2 to 3

Kid(110) - Age 3-4

Kid(120) - Age 4-5

Kid(130) - Age 5-7

Kid(140) - Age 7-10