Whimsical Family Portrait Custom Tees

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 Whimsical Family Portrait Custom Tees

Lead Time: 3-5 Weeks

If you're unsure of how to buy, please send photo directly to toddleythoughts@gmail.com , we will send you a payment link directly . Price: $29.90(includes 1 kid/baby + Romper/Kid T-shirt) ; $39.90(includes 1 adult drawing + T-shirt)

Strictly No Exchange;

Details/How to Buy

1. Price is per pc, inclusive of drawing charges of 1 person + T-shirt/Romper

2. Once order placed, please send photo to : toddleythoughts@gmail.com with your order number as Email Header

3. In 10-14 business days, we will send the draft illustration for your approval. Only 2 small revisions are included. 

4. Please state the necessary requirements/request upfront, once designer start drawing, there will be no amendment to major pose etc. 

Measurements unit: CM (Scroll down by pressing the down icon to view size chart)

Measurements +/- 1-3cm deviation

Strictly no exchange

Size Chart: in CM

Adult-StraightCut(XS) - Chest(92); Length(64); Shoulder(46)

Adult-StraightCut(S) - Chest(96); Length(66); Shoulder(48)

Adult-StraightCut(M) - Chest(102); Length(69); Shoulder(51)

Adult-StraightCut(L) - Chest(106); Length(71); Shoulder(53)

Adult-StraightCut(XL) - Chest(112); Length(74); Shoulder(56)

Adult-StraightCut(XXL) - Chest(116); Length(76); Shoulder(58)

Adult-StraightCut(XXXL) - Chest(122); Length(78); Shoulder(61)

Adult Woman Slim Fit(M) - Bust(82); Length(58); 

Adult Woman Slim Fit(L) - Bust(86); Length(61); 

Baby Rompers:

Baby Romper(XS-0-3M) - Bust(46); Length(38)

Baby Romper(S-0-6M) - Bust(48); Length(39)

Baby Romper(M-6-12M) - Bust(52); Length(42)

Baby Romper(L-12-18M) - Bust(54); Length(43)

Baby Romper(XL-18-24M) - Bust(56); Length(45)

Kid T-shirts

Kid(1-2) - Chest(61); Length(38)

Kid(3-4) - Chest(66); Length(43)

Kid(5-6) - Chest(76); Length(46)

Kid(7-8) - Chest(81); Length(51)


There might be color variation between adult tees, slim fit, baby romper, kid-shirts